Family Venue of the Year

This award acknowledges the hard work and determination of a venue that provides a fantastic day out with something for each family member to enjoy, helping us to create memories that stay with us.

Best Day Out

This award recognises the best activity that takes place in a single day. This may include a day discovering something new, a nice relaxing day out or places with incredible views.

Sports Venue of the Year

This award celebrates the venues that deliver the best experiences and host the best events such as football matches, rugby games and even rock concerts that leave us wanting to return time and time again.

Tourist Attraction of the Year

This category celebrates those special places that can be educational and also fun. These are some of the places that make Scotland an unforgettable tourist destination.

Shopping Complex of the Year

This Award celebrates a place that has everything you need in one convenient area. It is well acknowledged that there is no better stress reliever than a day out shopping and catching up with friends, and that is exactly what these finalists provide.

Live Entertainment Venue of the Year

This category rewards an entertainment venue that stands out with its great atmosphere, the variety of performances it holds, and the incredible gigs and artists it hosts.

Best Scottish Festival 

This award celebrates an experience that is highly unique to the entertainment industry, be it the comedy, music or food you go for, these festivals are staple events in the Scottish events and entertainment calendar.

Outdoor Venue of the Year

This award celebrates the venue that allows their guests to go wild with their friends and enjoy the great outdoors. Each of these outdoor venues offers the chance do to something remarkable and incredibly unique.

Children’s Play Centre of the Year

This award celebrates those who ensure children have a fun day out. These centres know how to create a fantastic day out for children and help them have an amazing experience with friends in an environment entirely suited to them.

Best Cinema Experience 

This award recognises the best place to go and catch the next big blockbuster or have a quiet night watching the latest romantic film. This category recognised the best experience, from the range of movies to the snacks on offer.

Best Entertaining Team

This award goes to a team that works extremely hard to provide the very best service to the people who come to their venue, be it for a concert, a film or even a day out seeing what the shops have to offer.

Best Nightclub

This award goes to the place that many people go to at the end of the week to relax and unwind. Whether it the great music, the promotions or the amazing atmosphere that attracts you to go there, these nightclubs ensure we enjoy ourselves, dancing the night away.

Best Sports Bar  

The sports bars in this category give viewers the chance to watch their favourites in a place with a fabulous atmosphere, great food and a great selection of drinks.

Best Bar

This award recognises the achievements of a bar that has successfully combined the provision of enjoyable food, great atmosphere, and friendly and helpful staff, as well as a variety of your favourite beverages.

Pub/Inn of the Year

This Award acknowledges safe havens that allow visitors to relax, enjoy great food and atmosphere and even better company.

Boutique Hotel of the Year

These hotels provide the best hospitality and are recognised as having the edge of being unique and stylish in their own way.

City Hotel of the Year

These hotels are essential for visiting major cities and are preferred by visitors for their amazing staff and excellent rooms all within walking distance of town centres.

Resort Hotel of the Year

These hotels have fantastic food, incredible rooms and unbelievable service that make them stand out from the rest. They also have the added benefit of being luxurious and lavish for an even more unforgettable experience.

Romantic Hotel of the Year

Not only do these hotels have amazing food, excellent staff, and wonderful rooms, but they also provide a scenic view making them a lovely romantic getaway.

Hotel of the Year

This award commends those hotels that make a vacation or a business trip feel fantastic. With brilliant staff, amazing food and comfortable rooms, these hotels definitely stand out from the rest.

Hotel Team of the Year

This award recognises and rewards the commitment and dedication of the hotel’s entourage, who always provide impeccable service where excellence is the standard.

Best Hotel General Manager

This award celebrates an individual who gives their best to their hotel and constantly strives to ensure that it is one of the best places there is to stay in. These managers have worked tirelessly and their efforts should not be left unacknowledged.

Customer Service Team of the Year

This category is presented to a hospitality team that constantly manages to deliver impeccable customer service to its customers.

Best Caravan Site

This category recognises the places that many visit when having a home holiday or a peaceful getaway, and want to see the countryside up close.

Bed & Breakfast of the Year

This award acknowledges B&B’s that provide a great place to relax and unwind.

Casual Dining Restaurant of the Year

This category celebrates those who have mastered the art of casual dining, from great waiting staff to mouth-watering dishes. This would be a great place to relax and enjoy a delicious meal.

Best Family Dining Restaurant

This restaurant has worked hard to create a relaxing and family-friendly atmosphere, and an incredible menu to ensure that there is something that the whole family can enjoy while dining there.

Restaurant of the Year

This award recognises those that provide cuisine of a truly exceptional standard, and demonstrate innovation and ambience, all while providing a high standard of service and hospitality.

Best Restaurant Team of the Year

A great team is vital for any business. This category commends the best restaurant teams that have worked hard to create the best possible menus with the greatest staff.

Catering Team of the Year

This award recognizes a catering team that has demonstrated dedication and passion for their industry, providing excellent care for their guests and always ensuring that they have an enjoyable time.

Best Dining Experience

This category acknowledges the places where dining is not simply a usual experience, but an unforgettable one because of the friendly and professional staff and the great food served.




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